New Car Wash System Recycles Dirty Water

Where do you wash your car? In-case you want quality services, speed and low prices then visit Service One Car Wash. It does perfect and job hence it is the best car washing company. It uses the latest technology to wash your car very fast and with less amount of water.

The company is very unique in its operation. It is the only company that is able to recycle up to about 97% of the used water. This makes it very economical hence saves on resources as compared to using over 125 gallons of water for car washing. You will get your car washed properly and very fast with the least amount of water possible. The company recycles even the water feed with soap and other specific mixtures requested by their customers.

The operation system is automatic hence very easy to operate. When you want your car washed then you will just need to select which is best for you. The machine will then specifically come to your car and do the service. The process is very fast as the water is sprayed under high pressure. This is by the use of the 160- horse power motors. These supply sufficient amount of water under great pressure to remove any form of substance that may be stacked on your car. This makes it very convenient hence ensures your car is very splendid. Service One Car wash will truly offers you quality service. The whole process is quite simple hence operated just by a single manpower. Your white gorgeous car will not have any single mark after the wash. This is because the machine has a spot free rinse treatment. This is for preventing any form of white marks from dropping on to your vehicle. This is a very perfect solution for your car wash.

Your car will not also have any form of dust particle in the inside. This is perfectly done by the use of the free vacuum terminal at the back of parking lot. It does this action by completely removing dusts particles from the smooth cloth-like spindles that covers the inner part of the car. It also removes pesky dusts from the mats hence very reliable feature for perfect cleaning.

This car wash company will charge low prices despite their quality services. This is because the company does not incur much cost on human labor and water the whole process is economical hence affordable. This makes Service One car wash the best company in California. Besides the lower prices they are also caring. The company is currently planning on developing projects that will benefit the company and the customers.

You can always visit the company at any time as from Monday to Saturday. You will be served well in the shortest time possible hence are very time conscious. On Sundays the company operates as from eight in the morning up to about six in the evening. The times of operation are very convenient for you hence you can’t miss out these world class services from Service One car wash. It is the place you can wash your car throughout at very low price.

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